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Yakutsk Russia ∣ World’s Coldest City ∣ Tourist Perspective

Yakutsk city of Russia is known as the world’s coldest city where people from around the world come to experience the coldest place on earth. Tourism in Yakutsk has rapidly grown in recent years. More traveler’s are heading to Oymyakon which is the coldest village on earth & Yakutsk Russia.


You’ll get -40 or more negative temperatures in that city. The temperature in Antarctica usually gets negative -20. 

Usually tourists’ lungs are not used too for that cold weather.

Yakutsk has a large population of approximately 300 000 inhabitants. Yakuza is the capital of sahara republic an autonomous region that is allied with russia 280 miles away from the north pole since this place is the most north eastern point of siberia it is very much isolated from the rest of the world.

When you go outside from your Room or Hotel you can have fun throwing boiling water in the air and see the magic of how boiling water instantly turns into snow or ice. Outside can turn into a hammer in minutes

People cannot wear metal frame glasses here because the metal could stick to their skin and if they wanted to take off their glasses their flesh might be chewed out. Don’t make contact with metal. 

During the soviet era people who contradicted stalin’s ideas were exiled to sahara republic region they were politicians businessmen etc as a matter of fact some of these people who live in yakuza right now are their grandchildren so this place used to be land of exile

Today there is a city life going on but we could call this life and I say it pushes the limits of human nature no matter how much we bundle up. Nothing is enough to keep our bodies warm.

If you have a car here you have a big problem. Winter lasts for six to seven months here and in that time you can never drive your car. If you insist on driving it you can never stop your vehicle’s engine. For example the car with a running engine you can see hundreds of cars like this in the city. Reason why the engine is running is that if it stops it can be completely covered with ice and the engine oil will freeze quickly.

Can you imagine what a huge base of energy this actually is fortunately russia is a country that is quite rich in oil and natural gas resources even the exhaustible freezes that’s how cold it is there are special covers for protection sometimes this is not enough too people who can afford it keep their vehicles in a heated garage because these vehicles are constantly running there is a constant layer of exhaust smoke over the city range of visibility is often below 200 feet due to the small the houses.

They have completely different architecture. The reason why the buildings are built on pillars is that the ground is covered with ice and there is a possibility of ice shifting. Old houses start to lean over after a decade or so because the amount of ice either increases or decreases; it feels like pins and needles the worst. Thing that could happen is to get frostbite considering a refrigerator operates at about 40 degrees fahrenheit a freezer operates at about negative four degrees fahrenheit since the temperature here is negative 58 degrees fahrenheit everywhere you can see here could function as a very high tech freezer that’s why some people are able to store their fruits or their meats just by hanging them outside their windows.

If you would stay outside for more than 15 minutes you would experience problems such as skin burns and difficulty in breathing chill that starts with the needle pre-clack pain frostbite followed by sensational bones. If you go outside, keep walking and explore the city on Foot.

Your Cameras will not work properly because of that cold weather so from a Tourism perspective try to capture moments quickly.

Mass under the city does not melt even in the summer & twenty percent of the world’s total diamond resource are in yakuza in addition to that there are also all the elements in the periodic table there are many mammoth and dinosaur fossils under the accretia territories.


This is the land where people cannot engage in agriculture or farming people eat fish one of the most important features of this market is that they display the fish in public stalls rather than in refrigerators outside is much colder than any refrigerator.

There are also frozen rabbits here they are consumed a lot including with the ducks horse meat is also very common it is about 45 pounds they take this fish as a whole put it outside and consume it for days.

The scariest thing about being on the road is that people whose cars break down have a risk of life if they cannot fix it within 30 minutes otherwise engine oil under the hood freezes in minutes.

There are frozen lake in Yakutsk as well. Cows in this glitch are always kept in the barns in winter exactly when your ear got first bitten if it lasted longer.

The coldest temperature is negative 71 celsius if you have good clothes if you have enough clothes before negative 40 the funny thing is like cold weather feels like fire, like burning. Some people didn’t have proper clothes and they went to the woods and their car broke down. They couldn’t call someone because no foreign service.

Yakutsk has summers as well. In July the average daily temperature is about 67 degrees fahrenheit due to global warming. The ice mass of our world is melting.

Negative 67 degrees fahrenheit these mysterious yakut people and their surprising culture are the major tourist attractions.


This is tourist experience blog places you can visit in Yakutsk will be come soon.


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