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World Tour on Motorcycle? Things you need to know

Motorcycle Touring is becoming popular in recent years. Because many of you want to plan a world tour or cross country tour or want to do a Lifetime Adventure Tour. In my opinion, a motorcycle tour, or a road trip for that matter, one has to ensure everything is properly planned before the start of the trip.

For instance, all the necessary documents should be prepared. It will be a shame if you go all the way to the border and they send you back because some document is missing.

It has happened to me once and I don’t want anyone else to go through it.

So, today I am gonna share all the info that I have.

Visas for Countries

Let’s start by discussing the most important document for your travel. Irrespective of the mode of travel or the country you are going to, you’ll need a VISA.

But if you are gonna travel by road, you need to plan ahead … with regards to which countries are you going to go through. It also depends on which passport you have.

There will be some countries where you won’t need a Visa. Some give you a visa on entry. But for others, you’ll have to get a visa prior to traveling.

Like you  had to apply for visas to India, Iran and many more countries in the world..


You don’t need any visa for Europe if you hold a strong nationality or a schengen visa. Then comes Turkey. But if you have a German passport, you can get a Turkish visa on arrival. So you’ll have to figure this bit out for yourself, based on where you are and where you are going.

Which countries will be there on your route and which passport do you have. You can easily find related information on Google.

And this research is extremely important. Don’t leave your house before you have all the information on this subject.

Health Insurance

The second most important thing is health insurance. For some countries it is compulsory. And they ask you for your health insurance when you apply for a visa. Some countries may not ask you for it when you apply. But do carry it with you.

God forbid, if you get into an accident somewhere, depending upon which country you are in, health care can be really expensive. And if you are short on money, then it can be a big problem.mOn the other hand, if you do have money, you might go bankrupt, while paying for expensive medical bills.

Having good health insurance is a great benefit.

For instance, if for some reason, your treatment is not possible in that country, then the insurance company will arrange to pay for transporting you back to your home country. And they will take care of your medical care, even if they have to arrange a private jet for you.

That’s how important it is.,

Internet & Communication

The next thing that I am gonna discuss is not compulsory but having it is really beneficial that is VPN

What a VPN does is that it changes the location of your mobile device. For example when I was traveling through Turkey, was blocked there. And I was not able to book any hotel without it.

So what I did was to switch on the VPN and it would give my device a different location, hence enabling me to use the website. That way I was able to book any hotel that I liked. Similarly, in Iran many social media websites were blocked. So I couldn’t use websites like YouTube and Facebook without a VPN.


Now, let’s discuss those documents that you are gonna need for your vehicle, if you are traveling by road.


There are 4 documents …


  • Registration … 2. Insurance …


  • International Driving License


And most importantly … 4. Carnet de Passage


I don’t think I need to stress upon the importance of registration documents . Keep it with you. You need it. Second is the insurance and it depends on which countries you are traveling to.. Some countries don’t ask you to get insurance. Some ask you to buy their insurance on the spot. While in some other countries, focus is on which countries will come along your way.

For example, I’m traveling from Germany, my insurance will work throughout Europe. Beyond Europe, they have given me a Green Card that has the name of countries where it is valid.

Like, when I reached Turkey, it was valid there.

Then came Iran and they told me that my insurance was not valid there. So, if I had this information before, I would have taken care of my insurance in Iran, beforehand. Because there are many insurance companies that offer you valid insurance for Iran as well. So, their Green card does have Iran mentioned in the list.

In case you don’t have insurance for a specific country, you can get it on arrival.

International Driving License

Now comes International Driving License.

If you have your original driving license in English, then you don’t need the international one. If, like a German license, your license is not in English, you can get an international driving license.

Carnet de Passage

Now the most important document, Carnet de Passage.

Let me begin by telling you that it’s a document that needs to be imported to a country.

Well … not for any country … There are certain countries who ask you for that. For example, you don’t need that in Europe. Outside Europe, there’s Turkey, but they also don’t ask you for it.

But for Iran, Pakistan and some Middle Eastern countries … and countries like Australia and New Zealand … you will need a Carnet.


The procedure is simple …

You need to go to the Automobile Association in your home country and tell them you need a Carnet de Passage.

For that purpose you need to pay some security fee.

And that depends on the value of your vehicle.


The motorcycle was evaluated to be worth 6000 euros. For that you had to pay a security fee of 3000 euros.

And then there was an annual fee of 230 euros.

Initially you get it for one year but you can get it extended later on. It benefited me in a way that I did my entry and exit using my Carnet in Iran.

And I didn’t have to pay any customs there.

Same thing happened in Pakistan during entry and I’ll exit Pakistan again using Carnet. Again, I didn’t have to pay any customs in Pakistan.

Otherwise, I would have been asked to pay customs.

And I don’t know how much that would have been. In that context, many dual national people have this question that they are not able to get Carnet.

There’s a slightly different procedure for that scenario; however I’m not sure if it’s legal or not. But that’s what most of the people do.

You can also do it if you like but at your own responsibility.

So, for example, if you have a UK and a Pakistan passport, you can get it on your UK passport. Because you can’t enter Pakistan with a Carnet de Passage, that you have taken on a Pakistani passport. However, you can use it to go to other countries but not Pakistan. So, in this case, people take it in their UK passports.

And before entering Pakistan, they get the Pakistani visa on their UK passport. So that they can use that same passport to enter Pakistan. And they won’t even show their Pakistani passport.


Because if you try to enter Pakistan using a Pakistani passport, The customs officials will ask you to pay a customs fee if you want your vehicle temporarily imported. And later on, you’ll get your money refunded.

You can keep your vehicle in Pakistan only for 3 months on Carnet. If you want a longer duration, you will need special permission for that.

I’ve come to know that the security fee is pretty high in Pakistan. They will give you an exact amount once you communicate with them. In short, you can get a Carnet in Pakistan without much trouble. Hopefully, in future many riders will travel through Pakistan and around the world & will see people enjoying their life.

By TravelOBug

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