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Ramkot Fort | Everything you need to know

Ramkot Fort is an Ancient Fort that is located in Mirpur District situated within Mangla Dam so you have to take a boat. The boat ride here is really scenic and visually stunning. There are a couple of boating clubs here as well. So you can call one of these boating clubs to book a ride for you.


So, I personally recommend that whenever you visit this place, be it winter or summer, try to come here around sunset. Because the scenery is unmatched.

And the water just looks magically still.

There’s a little bit of a hike from the Boat parking area to Fort don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you. It’s a 30 minute boat ride to the fort.

Ramkot Fort is one of those forts in Pakistan that have a wonderful location. You don’t expect to see such a marvelous fort here.

However, there are another couple of routes to the fort. One of them is from Dhadhyal. So you can get a boat from that side as well. But most of the tourists come from Mirpur.


This fort was built in 1008 AD. Some of its history is conflicting though. I found the year to be 1186 at one place. But as per our research it was built in 1008.

It was built by a Hindu dynasty by the name of Anandapala. They ruled over the areas constituting Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It was further expanded and renovated by the Muslim rulers of Kashmir. Some parts of it are attributed by the Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir.

There are quite a few worth seeing places in the fort including a Hindu temple and a pond. Ramkot is surrounded on 3 sides by water from Jhelum river. And waterfalls into the Mangla dam.

You’ll feel like a daredevil standing up here. Need to be careful getting down from the fort. As soon as you enter the fort, you find yourself in a big courtyard. It has a big pond right in the middle. There’s a small temple as well.


The temple contains a big stone. There’s a stone that was placed here when the temple was built. Other than that, some parts of the fort walls got seriously damaged because of things like earthquakes.

The rooms at the backside are in quite wretched condition. There are some guards appointed here who look after the place.

The ticket price is Rs 200 / -.

Do visit this place whenever you are in Mirpur or around. Especially because of its view from top. And the beautiful islands down in the water. Overall it’s a great historical place. And we need to look after and respect places like the temple and the pond.

Keep the place clean.

Currently it’s very well maintained by the people who look after it.






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