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Luxus Hunza Resort, Experience & Review (Attabad Lake Resort)

Luxus Hunza Resort is one of the luxurious & unique Resorts that offer matchless experience bcz of its leverage of Magnificent Attabad Lake. Staying in Luxus in 2021-2022 is completely worth it according to Tourists but there’s some quality issues as well few tourists face (Off Season).

There’s 5 types of Rooms that are available on Luxus Attabad Lake Resort 

       *Attabad Lake View Suite  *Presidential Suite  *Panoramic Suite  *Infinity Lake View Room   *Lake View Room

 ( Offering Facilities )

Finest Linen & towels , Wifi,  Supercharged air-conditioning,  Bed,  Bath,   Smart TV with MultiChoice,  Complimentary coffee & tea, Telephone & safe, International plugs,  Walk-in rain shower,  Jacuzzi,  Hairdryer & makeup mirror,  Quality bathrobes & slippers,  Private balcony

Service & Amenities:

Complimentary Breakfast,  Well stocked mini-bar,  Housekeeping service,  Evening turndown service, Laundry Service,   Secure on-site parking

Now they also offer Tents as well for those who have a desire to camp on Attabad Lake, you can book Camp as well.


We recommend this place especially to newly married couples because this place vibes have quite romantic & everything is perfectly planned in Luxus Resort

Luxus Hunza offers a unique journey, creating with you memorable experiences of stay, relaxation and rejuvenation in Attabad, at 278 a night hotel 278 australian dollars around 33000 Pakistani rupees and you think paying this amount is worth it ? but you’ll read in a moment why this place is pretty expensive.

There’s a view of snow-capped mountains & Attabad Lake. There’s few hotels in Pakistan that beat the experience of Luxus Hunza. You can chill out there , eat & go for a swim later.

When you enter any room, every room has a sliding window & view of Attabad lake, not just that you can spend your time in the toilet while you’re walking out into the mountains and looking out at the lake. (sick this is so cool this is so cool) that you are given attabad lake all the mountains you’ve got snow-capped mountains those are the passu cones.

And just the architecture again i keep going on about the architecture all these cool little hanging plants and just like the wooden frame and at derrick of the deer, deer pillow, like extendable lights over all the property, towels you got are quite nice, dove beauty soap or so and of course dental shaving kit that kind of stuff.

you’re looking out into the lake what you’ve seen in your life and then you can come in this side wow this is insane tour on the outside you got your two little beach and beach chairs .


Food Options

Here are the options rice, veg, barbecue, dessert, beans

club sandwich the grilled chicken, nuggets, french friesyou can even get even shisha 4000 rupees 30 australian dollars look at this

absolute outrage


pakistan is like tourism emerging so hopefully you will get better options in future as well There’s is area for Social Media Photos which is I Love Hunza this is so like this is like instagram literally if you’ve ever seen any place in like bali or any tropical place just this is so instagrammy oh yeah look at this


You can surely go for a dip into the cold lake in Hot summers the lake water is glacier water very cold you can cheeky little dip down in the water, freshen up for the day and you know cold therapy really gets the blood going it really you know gets you off to a good start of the day.

You can order your Food on Phone Call or you can go to Restaurant Area for dinner. Food Cousine Area is  really nice area & how cool these like wooden tables are made from real wood and there’s a huge literally it’s like half a tree the tree has been cut in half and they’ve somehow got it here 

Food review time  we got the prata of course it’s not cheese paratha which is quite devastating. it’s actually kind of hard to find cheese paratha in the north but this glad wrap is obviously child we got the naan we got the paratha (smells good)

it smells good that smells absolutely amazing as well, chicken nuggets and chips you can’t really go wrong with these so i hope they’re all right, chips are good the crumbing the crumbs are so nice , cocoa and it’s crisp cold because we are in a colder climate you don’t have to refrigerate it you, don’t have to have ice with it.

When you wake up in the morning they will serve you Juice & Breakfast as well,  it actually gets any better than this i don’t think so breakfast with a majestic view from the window.

we got four eggs

we got french toast we got normal toast

we got paratha

and we have some juice that was actually meant to be lassie

the juice that i believe is mango juice


The night view outside the sitting area is also fascinating. You will love to have cuisine while sitting outside the sitting area. The service they are offering in such an area is up to the mark & hopefully we will see many more Hotels like this in upcoming days in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

By TravelOBug

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