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Exploration Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen & Interlaken Switzerland

Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen & Interlaken is one of most beautiful places in Switzerland for tourists bcz of lush green scenery & emerald coloured waters of the lake. Many people come to Ski at Grindelwald in winter. Rocky Califf of Lauterbrunnen attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Last year in Summer we went to Switzerland to one of our favourite regions, Interlaken for Hiking & Camping. From there only a 20 mins drive away is Lauterbrunnen valley which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Switzerland. This blog is about our exploration experience detailed blog of Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen & Interlaken will come soon in 3 parts.

There is a hike to a mountain top called Schilton you might have seen in a James Bond movie. There are Gondolas to this viewpoint but they are very expensive and cost around 100€. We were planning to hike there but the weather was very bad and we couldn’t do the hike so I spent half a day in Lauterbrunnen which is very beautiful.


After spending half a day in Lauterbrunnen


We decided to go to Grindelwald due to bad weather which is our favorite village in Switzerland which is only 30mins drive from Interlaken

In Grindelwald, you will have views of top 3 tallest mountains of Switzerland


(Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau)

For us, it is the most beautiful Swiss village. Our visit is quite frequent almost every summer and our favorite hike here is Bachalpsee.

We found very cheap parking for my car only 3 CHF per day which is probably the cheapest parking here normally it costs 12-15CHF Per day so this is very cheap

We stayed last night in Lauterbrunnen valley. This time we decided to stay here. We enjoyed it a lot. The waterfall is stunning and I stayed there at a camp where there is a postcard lake and hike.

There is another nearby peak called Faulhorn


one thing I like about Switzerland a lot is that these are drinking water stations so we don’t need to carry extra water. It is very good quality drinking water and there is no need to buy plastic bottles from supermarkets.

Very beautiful place and it’s very peaceful. You can hear only the bells of cows and sometimes helicopters flying over is very peaceful as you’ll wake up in the morning. Sunshine in the valley will blow your mind. It’s such a beautiful place that I don’t want to go down.

There is a Gondola station nearby and this place is surprisingly very clean, not even a single plastic bag etc.

They put efforts to clean the environment and provide facilities so we use it and protect nature and don’t throw the toilet papers out on the trek and keep the trek and lake clean.

Gondola Station it is called First and most of the tourists take the Gondola from Grindelwald and this trek from there for one hour to get to lakes Bachalpsee small and big there is Eigner and Jungfrau and on the other side are also mountain top Gondola or train stations.

From Männlich you also see nice views of the mountains.


by TravelOBug

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