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Bahawalpur City of Nawabs │ Tourist Attractions │ Places to Visit

As you know Bahawalpur is the city of Nawabs. Today we will tell you what places you can explore in Bahawalpur city. This city has a boundary with Cholistan Desert & has quite a history of the last 150 years. There’s many tourist places that you can visit in or nearby Bahawalpur Punjab.

If you want to explore the old city we recommend you to leave as early as possible in the morning so you can explore in a better way. Otherwise it gets really crowded here.

Old city Bahawalpur is a walled city with 7 gates.

Best way to start an old city tour from Fareed Gate. It’s old name was Bikaner as it was connected to the Indian city Bikaner. Some of the other gates include Multani gate, Darawari Gate and Shikarpur Gate. By now you must have guessed the reason behind these names.

Jamia Al Sadiq Mosque 

There is Jamia Mosque located in the old city of Bwp Jamia Mosque Al-Sadiq is a 200 years old mosque. Its foundations were laid by a Sufi saint. It was later renovated by Nawab Sadiq of Bahawalpur. It has a capacity for 50 to 60 thousand people to offer prayers simultaneously.

There is another mosque at the lower storey where 5 daily prayers are conducted. Its interior is quite simple yet elegant.


The foundations of Bahawalpur were first laid in 1748 by Nawab Bahawal,

who had settled there after migrating from Shikarpur. Uch Shareef was the biggest city of that time. Bahawalpur then went on to grow into a state. It was always a stable state.

When Sikhs were rising as a power in Punjab, and the Mughal Empire was on the decline. Many prominent families, Sufis and scholars came and settled here. During that time, the 3rd Nawab Bahawal was worried about a possible Sikh invasion.

So he made a deal with the British that Bahawalpur would stay as a free state.

And it will continue being ruled by Nawab. And they would in turn help the British against the Sikhs. So it was given the status of a princely state and stayed independent.

During the 1947 division of India, all princely states were given the choice to side with any country they wanted. Nawab Sadiq, the last Nawab, decided to be with Pakistan. In turn, most of the Sikhs and Hindus of the region migrated to India.

Likewise, many Muslim refugees from India settled here. The rule of the last Abbasi Nawab, Nawab Sadiq, lasted till 1955.

Even after the independence of Pakistan in 1947, he stayed a ruler till 1955 and that’s when it ended.

The central library of Bahawalpur was built by Nawab Sadiq in 1924.

If this is not the most beautiful library of Pakistan, it must be one of the most beautiful libraries of Pakistan. It has a beautiful interior and it’s loaded with books. It doesn’t even feel like a government property. You can come and sit in this soothing atmosphere. Especially if you are a book lover, this is the place to be.

This is a must visit place in Bahawalpur. To spend a few minutes here. In case you don’t have much time, you can still spend some time enjoying the interior. I have seen many recently published books here as well.

Noor Mahal 

There are 3 palaces in Bahawalpur, Noor Mahal, Gulzar Mahal, Darbar Mahal.

Noor Mahal is the most famous building of bwp and Tourists can only visit this palace.

Actually, all three of the palaces are under army control. You need to get special permission to visit the other two. But Noor Mahal is open to the public.

This palace was built by Nawab Sadiq for his last wife, who was a member of the British Royal Family. Its construction started in ’72 and it was finished in ’75. It was designed by an English architect who was the state architect.

This is an interesting story.

The wife only spent one night here and Never to returned. The reason being a huge graveyard right across the palace. Can’t remember the name at the moment. Unlike these days, it was visible from here back then.

That’s because of a housing society between the palace and the graveyard. And the graveyard was among the biggest graveyards of the continent. Perhaps that’s what scared her away.

In fact, no royal family ever stayed here after that.

The total cost was 1.6 million Pakistani rupees. And it’s estimated to be equal to 8.1 million US dollars in 2016. So it wasn’t that expensive but still it’s really wonderful.

It has 32 rooms. 16 of them in the basement. I don’t know how much of it is open to the public. 

Lal Suhanra National Park

Lal Suhanra National Park in bwp that is interesting place for kids because there are alot of Animals.There was a time when the Black Buck deer was very common in Cholistan.

Some of them were even sent to America to improve their population there. But sadly they were carelessly hunted in Pakistan. They almost perished from this region.To remedy the situation a fund was raised by school kids in America and Netherlands.Hence a sanctuary was made for the deer.

Besides, 10 pairs of Black Bucks were also gifted by the Americans. Gladly their population here has a healthy growth. Hopefully the situation will improve further in days to come.

At the moment, you find these animals only in this sanctuary. You may find a few outside this sanctuary too.

Derawar Fort

Derawar fort is the largest fortress of Cholistan Desert that’s visible from miles along banks of Hakra Rivers and best surviving example of old forts & quite famous around the world for Tourists.

This is Darawar fort guys and it was built by a Hindu Raja in 9th century. It got its current form in 1732, when the Abbasi Nawabs took over this region. Lately a lot of effort has been put into improving tourism in this region Therefore, renovation work is going on.

Tourists can still visit the place. Other than that, the biggest jeep rally of Pakistan, the Cholistan Jeep rally, starts from here. That’s kind of the peak season for this region.

When the Rally time came PTDC lightened up the fort and we came to know they arranged a Concert here while jeep rally. This fort is quite big from inside as well there’s many sections in the fort to explore that we will discuss in detail in the upcoming blog of Derawar Fort.

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